It’s time for a spring clean

As we move into April, it’s a time for me to spring clean my website and one new thing I’m certainly going to do, is write a blog each month!   This is breaking new ground for me and it’s one of my pledges for 2022 and beyond to share more about me and my expertise when it comes to professional photography.   I felt a great place to start would be to tell you a little more about myself so you can get a sense of my personality and my passion for taking photographs. 

Women walking through woods

1. I grew up on a small holding in Northamptonshire with my parents and my brother. Living with a number of different animals, including access to horses, gave me my life-long love of being outside in nature and of loving animals.

2. After training as a teacher, I was travelling around South East Asia, when I got a job as a primary teacher, at Patana British International School in Bangkok. During my time in Thailand, I met my husband, David. Before having our children, we continued to travel together.

3. I chose to become a stay-at-home mum when my two boys, Josh and Luke were born, not wanting to lose out on seeing them growing up.  Today I’m now surrounded by men, apart from our dog, Whisper, and one of our rabbits – at least someone is on my side!

    Women holding reins of brown horse

     4. I love horses and used to own a warmblood horse called Red. My love of horses has been life long and will always be part of who I am. Recently the evolution of my photography business has meant I haven’t had the time to ride as much as I used to. I’m grateful for that, however I do miss riding and will be getting back on a horse as soon as I can. I love photographing horses too, and also foxes. One of my secrets is that I go ‘fox watching’! Yes I do go out and sit for hours, patiently waiting for foxes to appear.

    5. David, my husband and I love going to live music gigs, and have seen a variety of artists, including Duran Duran, The Prodigy and Soul 11 Soul.  When I was at college, I actually saw the filming of the video for what became, Soul 11 Soul’s first major hit, ‘Back to Life’ featuring Caron Wheeler on lead vocals. However, at the time, I had no idea who they were!

    Women in green jacket holding camera walking towards metal gate

    6. I’m quite a shy person in many ways, and like several photographers, much prefer being behind the camera to being in front of the lens. However, over the last year or so, and as I’ve developed my business, I’ve grown in confidence in terms of belief in my business, and also in terms of being photographed. As a brand photographer, I have to walk the talk, if I’m telling other business owners how important it is to be seen, I have to be seen myself.

    7. Both David and I love art, and we have a growing collection of paintings by an artist who we first came across, whilst on holiday in Cornwall (where we holiday each year as a family). Neil Davies, is a Scotsman by birth, but he moved to Cornwall 14  years ago and has a studio in St Ives. We absolutely love his work which is based around the rugged coastal and rural areas above St. Ives.

    8. I now live in Cirencester, which is a beautiful historic market town, where the people are friendly and we enjoy living here. We live slightly out of the town, but it’s close enough to walk into, and we have access to some beautiful countryside, where I can walk with Whisper, our black labrador. Cirencester is also a great place in terms of reaching other places in the UK. Within an hour, we can be in Bath, Bristol, Swindon, Gloucester or Cheltenham and we can be in London in just under two hours. I feel incredibly grateful be where we are.

     9. I love reading, and one of my favourite writers is Michael Morpurgo, who wrote ‘War Horse’.  Another favourite book is ‘The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and the Horse’ by Charlie Mackesy. It is a wonderful story and the pictures are incredible. I escape to my books when the ‘boys’ are all watching football or Marvel films!

    10. My office is my sanctuary away from everyone else, where I can work, but also, I can relax too. As a photographer, I spend a lot more of my time editing than I think clients actually realise. So, I’ve got a comfy chair where I can sit away from my computer, and drink a cup of tea, and contemplate… whatever I need to. I often burn luxury, beautifully scented candles whilst I’m working, as they help to create a calming atmosphere too.

    Woman leaning on Cotswolds wall wearing rose coloured jumper