8 reasons why having a photo shoot is good for your confidence

Many people for one reason or another are reluctant to have their photo taken and may go to extraordinary lengths to avoid it – even when they run their own business.

One of the most common reasons is that people lack confidence to be in front of the camera because they don’t think they look good in photos, or they think they’re too fat, too old, too whatever…

What is important is that in business you need to be seen, so to be perfectly honest, you need to ‘get over yourself’. People buy from people and they like to know ‘who’ they are doing business with – and while you may have preferred the way you looked at the age of 25 – could that person offer the expertise and insight you can now at the age you are? 

Using old and out-dated pictures from several years ago, because you look good on them (usually because you’re younger or slimmer), isn’t doing you any favours in terms in integrity. How can you present an image to people that isn’t the ‘real’ you as you are right now?


Even I as a photographer, I need to have images of myself, and it took me a while to become confident when in front of the camera rather than behind it. Yet I’ve done it because I realise it’s necessary to be the ‘face’ of my business. 

Spending money on personal branding photography shows your clients and customers that you are both invested and passionate about what you do and you are confident in yourself. 

Professional images also add a sense of professionalism and quality to your business. If you are willing to invest in this then you are willing to take the steps towards greater success.  

Therefore, how do I run a photoshoot to help your confidence?:


1. Working with a professional photographer, who you like and feel comfortable with and is someone you can share your fears of being photographed, is the first step. Once you’ve done this once, they may become your go-to photographer as it can lift your confidence to a whole new level. You’ll be ready to book your next session in no time at all!

2. I work with my clients to find out what it is they don’t enjoy about being photographed.  Before the photoshoot, I will talk to them about their worries and insecurities and explain how I will help them feel their best when we are working together. I’ve had many clients who feel nervous initially, but I know I can bring them out of their shells, enabling them to be confident in front of the camera.

 4. We have a conversation about what you want to use your images for, and how the pictures captured can tell your brand story. And together, we plan a shot list. As we work on the list, you will begin to understand how the images will help you connect with more clients and gain a visual consistency to your business. You’ll see and feel how your brand story is coming together, and you’ll naturally become excited about sharing it.

5. Another thing I talk to you about when we plan is what you are going to wear. If you have no idea about what colours or shapes suit you, I can direct you to someone who can help. Alternatively, we can talk together about your favourite colours and the types of clothes you like wearing, so that by the time you have your photoshoot, you have chosen clothes that you are comfortable wearing, that suit your brand and make you feel confident. 


6. Choosing the right location for your shoot can also make a huge difference to how you feel. I think it’s important to have a range of images that show your most comfortable habitat.  If you’re not an outdoor person, or for example, have very fly-away hair and the slightest breeze messes up your hairdo, you may not want to have your photoshoot outside. But, you might have a favourite indoor venue where you’d love to be photographed. If not, again, I have several locations that I use for branding shoots, and we can discuss where you would like to be photographed.  However, whether you are an indoors or outdoors person, you will feel far more comfortable if you are in a location you love. (Please be aware though that sometimes this may increase the cost of a photoshoot if a fee is payable for using a particular space).

7. Most people have something they don’t like about themselves. They might not like their nose, their eyes, or mouth –usually a feature that we are very aware of, but others don’t necessarily see. At the beginning of the photoshoot, I can help you to find your best side and the best angle for the features you worry about. I also show you the images on the back of the camera, so you can see the different choices, then together, we can choose the angles and looks you prefer.


Woman sat on sat wearing green Doc Martin Boots

8. Another thing to help you prepare for your photoshoot, is to give yourself a little pamper session beforehand. Maybe have your nails done, a relaxing massage. If you have your hair done, and it’s relevant, give it a few days to settle.

9. Once we’re engaged in the photoshoot, I can guarantee, you will begin to enjoy the experience, because we’ve talked through all the things you are worried about beforehand. And I can promise you, you will have fun. Your self-confidence will be given a boost as you realise how good you look. 

This month is a good time for taking photos both in and outdoors, due to the better light and better weather.

Woman leaning on Cotswolds wall wearing rose coloured jumper