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Welcome to my website and a little bit about me…

I am a Cirencester photographer who is passionate about my photography and my chosen subjects of children, weddings,                horses and dogs.

Cirencester photographer


grown up on a small holding,
trained with the British Horse Society,
owned a Dutch Warmblood,
and having been a primary school teacher in a previous life, before children, I have loads of experience with children and animals!

And on asking me about my own experience of wedding photography, you will immediately understand why I provide happy couples with a great service and gorgeous photography.

I know, I know. Never work with children and animals.
But honestly…I really do LOVE my job.

Being a photographer has opened my eyes to life’s most beautiful moments in our everyday living. Things like a nice cup of tea in the garden, a comforting hug from someone you love, sun warmed raspberries straight from the bush and seeing the joy and innocence of childhood play.

And because you’re reading this, I imagine you’re the type of person who also appreciates good photography.

I’m also betting that you might’ve dabbled in taking photos of your loved ones and you might be trying to build a collection of great photos. However, it’s not easy. And I love that you have tried, because it means you are my kind of person.

So, if you are looking for some fabulous outdoor photos, of your children being children, the emotions of your wedding day or simply a portrait of your beloved dog or horse, I’m your girl.

Call me to check my availability or to book a session 01285 659248

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My Photography

I love to work with natural light and enjoy the qualities it brings to my photography.

Cirencester photographer

My photographs have an honesty about them. On shoots, I find myself making decisions about when to shoot, in order to catch something faithfully.

My photographs show an attention to detail and often reveal expression; a show of feeling or thought. I enjoy showing beauty amongst the everyday in my photographs.

Very few scenes in life are ever repeated exactly. Being able to record these moments for clients is a pleasure. Alongside this, I try to capture a bond. A connection between people, and people with their animals. Something special.

Above all, my photographs are designed to resonate with emotion and stand the test of time.

If you feel the same about family life, and treasure its memories, imagine what gorgeous photographs I could capture for you…


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Helen Richmond:

Based in Cirencester, Gloucestershire
07785 951601    or   01285 659248